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#SouthBendTakeover – Cafe Edition

There’s certainly no shortage of coffee on the Notre Dame campus. Between overpriced Starbucks lattes and the brown java sludge brewing at ABP it’s never been more convenient to grab a caffeine kick between classes. However, these spots lack the cozy atmosphere of a great coffee shop, or the community buzz of a local diner. Likewise, sometimes you want a really great bagel or plate of pancakes to go with that hot drink.

Forget ‘Bucks, SB-based Zen is the way to go (Source; ZenRoasters)

South Bend has seen a huge resurgence in local eateries over the past few years, and today there are more places to grab great coffee and food than ever. These cafes are based in the community and feature many local products such as Zen coffee (roasted right in South Bend) or organic produce from Michiana farms. And the food options, ranging from loaded breakfast sandwiches at the General to steaming bagels at Stude’s, provide the perfect compliment to a delicious cup of java.

Many students can be hesitant to travel beyond the security of the Notre Dame bubble, but the city of South Bend offers far more opportunities for coffee/brunching bliss than campus does. If you’re looking to break out of your coffee rut then this interactive map will lead you straight to your new favorite hangout.

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Google Trends: Tracking Stars of the Rio Olympics

Most professional swimmers, track athletes, and gymnasts live in relative anonymity, training and competing within the focus of their respective sport. However, these athletes get the chance every four years to become the center of the world’s attention. This summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Jainero was no different; from August 5th to the 21st the world’s attention was tuned to the amazing athletic feats happening in Brazil.

Clockwise from left- Bolt, Phelps, Farah, Biles (Sources: Thrillist, BI Online, Alchetron, GNN)

Four of the biggest stars were Michael Phelps and Simone Biles of the United States, Usain Bolt of Jamaica, and Mo Farah of Great Britain. I studied the relative popularity of each athlete on a global scale during August 2016, using Google Trends to analyze the google searches for each athlete throughout the games.

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